Do you know your team

Do You Really Know Your Team?

When was the last time you really thought about evaluating your team? The truth is that once you have established the organizational chart and hired people to fill your positions, your team seems complete. We rarely take the time to truly evaluate our in-house talent.

In most cases, we hire people at a specific time, under given circumstances to take on defined responsibilities and projects. Just like how people evolve, develop their skills and grow their experience, teams and projects also transform. From time to time it pays to assess our current talent and ensure that the organization still has the right people in the appropriate positions, with adequate responsibilities and projects best fitted for their skills, experience and aspirations. Regular performance management is one way to gather some of the information necessary to evaluate talent. It is necessary to keep track of your team’s skills, any additional education and training they may have received since being hired and specific experience they may have developed. To fully evaluate the organization’s talent, people must be assessed in the larger context of functional and cross-functional teams and the overall organization chart. The objectives of current activities, projects and specific expectations of the team will also have to be taken into consideration to provide an accurate picture of the internal talent pool.

Assess employee performance

What is the benefit for your organization to assess your talent? Well, it is about people. Most organizations agree that they are only as strong as their people and teams and many even recognize that “employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage” as Anne M. Mulcahy said, former CEO of Xerox Corporation. Yet, few organizations take the time to regularly question whether they continue to have the best-suited people in the right roles and whether their people have what they need to be successful in their positions – be it the skills, experience, team members and equipment.

Do your people have what they need to continue to develop and achieve their highest potential and positively contribute to the organization’s success? What does it take to be able to protect and nurture your “greatest assets” and preserve your competitive advantage? An organization needs to maintain and grow its activities and launch new projects. It is important for an organization to find the right people for their team, people who share the same values and will support their vision, mission and objectives. Are your functional and cross-functional teams adequately staffed to be successful? Is your organization in need of more talent to reach its goals?

To accomplish your mission and reach your goals, you need to know your people, ensuring that you have the right individuals to make up the best team. Of course, this is easier said than done. You will need to ask the right questions, review all documentation and gather the right information required to fully assess the organizational chart. This is one of the many things PeopleCo can help you with, we have the expertise to provide Talent Assessment in order to understand your organization’s values, culture and vision. We will help you reach your aspirations in terms of organizational structure and people performance.

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