At PeopleCo we believe your business plan starts with your people. We want to help you align your plan and your workforce to drive your business forward. Businesses are competing to give exceptional customer experience and the best way to do this, is have a positive workplace culture with engaged employees.

Through innovation, technology and experience, PeopleCo can help their clients evaluate their employee’s skills and abilities, assess their performance and potential, and match them with a workforce strategy to balance an organization’s talent, needs and company culture. We can recommend a strategic plan for hiring, on-boarding and continuing professional development to ensure processes align with business goals.

PeopleCo brings over 20 years’ experience in leading and building effective teams. With offices located in Saskatoon and Calgary, we offer a personalized approach, committed to following our values of: Integrity, Accountability, Commitment, Collaboration and Partnership, Innovation.

Recognizing how much Talent Management has changed significantly over the past decade, Tracy wanted to bring innovative ways to help her clients transform the way they lead their teams and overall help drive their business forward through their employees. PeopleCo is here to help.

Our Vision: Advocating on the importance of talent and providing expertise to develop strong teams and employee-centric cultures.

Our Mission: To be a partner with our clients to help them understand the importance and the priority of focusing on their people and company culture. Ultimately, we want to ensure our clients have the right people in the right seats to drive their business forward.  


PeopleCo offers an array of Talent Management services to ensure that your organization effectively drives performances, engages your employees, achieve successes and plan for future growth. Our team will work with you to develop a strategy that fits organization’s culture, values and vision.

Our services are designed so that you can choose one or more services that suit your organization’s needs. We seek to understand your current situation and your future goals in order to recommend a service or group of services that provides the best solution for you. Our services include the following:

A technique that charts an individual’s skills and abilities, assesses their performance and potential, and matches them with workforce planning strategies to balance an organization’s talent and needs.

Evaluating feedback by various stakeholders to help understand current state. Depending on the assessment, the feedback helps organizations differentiate between ideal culture and real culture and the productivity of their employees.

PeopleCo can help your hiring team produce a job description(s) that lays out the objective of the role, accountabilities, and most important, the competencies to be successful.

At PeopleCo, we believe that orientation and on-boarding are very different stages with distinct purposes. But they are interconnected and are both necessary for employee retention. PeopleCo can assist you with the proper tools, procedures, and guidelines to help you get the most from your new hires and continuing professional development.

Evaluations: When conducting an evaluation, PeopleCo recommends new and innovative ways that better motivative and align with employees’ expectations of open and honest communication on a regular basis.

Management Process: This process is designed to fix those problems in the workplace, setting employees up for success in achieving both their goals and overall company objectives.

During exit interviews, we get to understand why your top performers leave and drive actions across the organization to reduce unwanted attrition. With real-time employee exit insights, you have the data you need to retain top talent and build a happier, more engaged workforce.

"PeopleCo was founded because I believe that how we hire, train, and grow our employees is essential to a business’s success. I am passionate about helping leaders understand the values of their employees and how they fit within the company culture for productive growth." Tracy Arno, Founder

Our Team

PeopleCo was founded because we believe that employees are crucial to a business’s success and we are here to ensure that employees are well managed.

The founder, Tracy Arno has in-depth experience working with her clients to build strong teams. She has seen the positive impacts of hiring and retaining the best talent focusing on fit and culture of the organization. Tracy, who has always been a firm believer that if you are honest, transparent, and engaged with your employees, they will in turn work beyond your expectations. She recognized how much Talent Management has changed significantly over the past decade, she wanted to bring innovative ways to help her clients transform the way they lead their teams and overall help drive their business forward through their employees.

Tracy Arno – CEO

Tracy Arno is an established business leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years executive leadership. She believes that how employees are treated in the workplace is instrumental in the business’s success.

Her passion urged her to create PeopleCo and is excited to help her client’s Talent Management needs. Tracy’s extensive Canadian network stems from her vast involvement and dedication to her community.

She currently is a board director for the Saskatoon Prairieland Park, NSBA (North Saskatoon Business Association), Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, and RAP (Restoration Action Program) and Saskatchewan Judicial Council. Tracy is also a past president of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, she currently enjoys being involved as a mentor for the Raj Manek program and is a volunteer for several other community initiatives.

Tracy, who has always been a firm believer that if you are honest, transparent, and engaged with your employees, they will in turn work beyond your expectations.

Phone: 1.306.290.5646
Office: 1.306.652.5232
Email: tracy@essencerecruitment.ca

Nicole Sebastian – Lead Consultant

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Nicole has obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Human Resources from Edwards School of Business. Nicole’s past experiences has abled her to build strong relationships, create partnerships, and become knowledgeable and proficient in providing advice and solutions in human resources areas including talent management and recruitment.

Nicole spent over 3 years with Essence Recruitment, working with clients to identify their hiring needs and successfully placing candidates aligning with clients organizational fit. Throughout her experiences with Essence she developed a strong passion for everything people.

Along with Nicole’s experiences, she takes pride in her education where she has learned valuable techniques in a variety of human resources functions. She is passionate about continuous education to enhance her knowledge to provide expertise on talent management. Nicole is an active member of CPHR Saskatchewan and is working towards obtaining her designation.

Aside from being on a golf course, camping, ice fishing or anything outdoors, Nicole enjoys spending her spare time attending and volunteering in a variety of community initiatives. Specifically, Nicole has been apart of the Relay for Life Organizing Committee, an event she has become very passionate about, put on by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Nicole is committed to meeting her client’s business objectives and needs and always welcomes the opportunity to connect.

Phone: 1.306.717.3095
Office: 1.306.652.5233
Email: nicole@peopleco.ca


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